Truth Foundations
Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Celebrating Rock-solid truth foundations!

Sharing Truth

God, in His omniscience, has graciously counseled us on this matter of sharing His eternal Truths with others.

1.   We are to be confident in His Truths; 

2.   Because these Truths are from Him—not us—we are not to be prideful that we have the Truth and others do not.  Instead, as we have been allowed to enjoy His Truths, so too are we to make them available to whoever would receive them.  Thus, a prideful spirit is not a part of our confident demeanor because the Truths we enjoy are God’s.  We are not the source of Truth.  Instead, we are simply His children who have been commissioned to humbly share His Truth with as many as we can; 

3.   We are also to speak His truths in love.  Make sure it is the love of Jesus Christ that is our motivation.  Although there are other principles concerning our sharing His Truth with others, we close this portion of this site with one more important action-step in our call to bring Good News;

4.   As we share, we are to pray for those who are in bondage to the deception of the prideful father of lies—satan.  This pervasive spirit of skepticism toward God's spiritual truths (it’s really cloaked dogmatic rejection in many cases, even though this is a contradiction to their very fundamental faith tenet) is one major way satan goes about keeping people from the Truth whereby they, too, could be enjoying God’s eternal Truths in Christ Jesus.  The agnostics laugh at this very idea—at the possibility of their being in bondage to satan—while at the same time failing to discern that in actuality they persist in being his slaves.  It’s so very sad how deception plays out.  Pray for those in bondage, appealing to the One who alone can set them free. 
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