Truth Foundations
Friday, September 17, 2021
Celebrating Rock-solid truth foundations!

On Culture

Culture is yet another way to go about considering the issue of how we know what we know. 
One way to look at the cultural dynamics is through a Modern/Postmodern comparison and contrast.

For hundreds of years now, Modernity has, in general, emphasized the methods of science and reason
in the pursuit of truth.  Lately however, Post-modernity has helped to bring things into better balance
(although some have gone into imbalance by over-emphasizing subjective truth at the expense of
rejecting objective truths).  But what are the limitations of both of these ways of looking at life?

Both of these perspectives are offerings of humanity - it's people who use their heads (reason) and
eyes (observational science) to come to truth.  It's people who, while living, use experience to define
reality for them.  But there are so many limitations to both, even when human constructs of truth that
include spirituality are added to the objective and subjective methods.  Michael Polanyi's materials
serve as an excellent example.  Even though he emphasizes both objective methods (he was a
chemist and a thinker affirming science and reason) and subjective, existential methodologies, he
goes on to offer spiritual truth appeals.  Is this package complete?  Is this paradigm sufficient, or
are we still missing a full plate (of knowledge methods)?

The Bible says God's ways are higher than mankind's ways as high as the heavens are above the
earth - Old Testament: Isaiah 55; New Testament: I Corinthians 1-3.  This is quite a significant contrast! 
It says God's truths are much more complete than what humanity has to offer.  Read the Proverbs for
wisdom beyond this world.  Read the Psalms for testimonials about God's relational faithfulness to those
who seek Him out. You will find these readings to be an inspiration and a blessing.

          One final approach in better discerning
      the importance of sound Truth Foundations:

A philosophical consideration  leads those who are open to truth to give a fair consideration of all sources
claiming to offer truth.  Warning: many have come to Jesus Christ as a result of this type of open-minded
Truth inquiry.  "Why?" you might wonder.  He is truth, and those who come to Him find transcendent Truth
in God and in so receiving His gift, are set free. 

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