Truth Foundations
Friday, September 17, 2021
Celebrating Rock-solid truth foundations!

Good Questions

Another way to go about putting this crucial concept to work for you is through the asking of simple yet deeply profound and significant questions.  

In a day when relative language games are being
played and strongly encouraged, it's important to know
What do you
the intended meaning of terms.  This question helps
bring clarification whereby meaningful communication
can take place.  Discern the intent by asking this
(Define terms)
simple question.  The second question simply
seeks to identify the source being relied on to make
How do you
authoritative truth claims.  Many don't seem to take
the time to put a finger on exactly what method is
being employed to come to a general worldview or a
(Identify source)
specific opinion on some particular issue. The third
question is equally important.  After one's identified
How good's your
the authority source, it is wise to consider the
quality of that source. For example, the Big Bang
THEORY is far from observed fact, while the
(Identify quality)
universally observed Law of Bio-genesis (life
always comes from life) is undisputed - except
What if you're
 by those believing in evolution theory.  Science is
the specific method used in this case. What are the
 many limitations of this good knowledge method?
The final question's fair. If it's truth we're sincerely
after, this "What if you're wrong?" question
is an excellent question. What are the 
fruits if one chooses a faulty truth foundation? 

Let's make this practical, but let's use a significant issue - we don't want to waste each other's time.

(Recalling our statement on our Home Page, “Once the multiple methods of truth have been fairly considered, we can then--and all do--go on to embrace certain methods as more authoritative than others given how they fare through this initial allowing-the-sources-to-initially-define-themselves inquiry."  And it’s here where we begin to do just that – to acknowledge an outside-of-the-box, transcendent truth source that has a high regard for truth.)

On what grounds does one reject the historical record of Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead?  If, based upon secondary hearsay (a source frequently used to make decisions), one chooses to reject this event, the consequences are big, actually, eternal--given the teaching of the biblical source.  If you are interested in spiritual truths that are much more significant than many other truths, read a source that claims truth and has a high regard for truth.  Read the Gospel of Luke in the New Testament for a strong history of this great man of history - Jesus Christ.  You'll be impressed with who you see.  Many who have taken this journey have been surprised as to who this Jesus Christ really is.  Meet this unique man of history again, or possibly for the very first time.  Meet Him through the reading of a primary source absolutely committed to the truth as to who He is and what He's like, including how much He loves you.

What does  Culture  have to do with our search for truth?